Nova Skyland Hotel



Snowmobiling, Ice-Fishing and Tasty Food in Rovaniemi

Drive along the frozen rivers to a hidden winter fishing spot in the middle of the wilderness. Our guide will teach you how to drill a hole in the ice and prepare the ice-fishing rod and baits. In the meanwhile your guide prepares delicious Lappish outdoor soup lunch - hopefully accompanied by the catch of the day.

Adult: € 149,00 Child: € 74.50

Duration             5 hours

Departure           10:30

Operated            Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Includes              Winter clothing, snowmobile instructions and safari 2 persons/snowmobile, driving approx. 30-40 km, ice-fishing, soup lunch, hot drinks, guiding

Supplement        75 €/person extra when driving 1 person/snowmobile

Notice                 Content of the program can be changed or cancelled due to weather in the end of program period.



​Snowmobile Safari and Campfire in the Snowy Forests in Rovaniemi

Join us to experience the magic of the northern nature in the evening twilight. Drive through the beautiful winter landscape in snowmobile headlights before stopping for a break in the middle of the pitch dark forest. While the guide makes a camp fire, listen to the stories and facts about the Northern Lights. Enjoy delicious Lappish delicacies prepared on the fire and observe the skies above you. With good luck, we catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

​Adult: € 125,00 Child: € 62,50

Duration                  3 hours

Departure                19:00 until 28.2.2018

                                20:00 starting from 1.3.2018

Operated                 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Includes                   Winter clothing, snowmobile instructions and safari 2 persons/snowmobile, driving approx. 20-30 km, Lappish toast, fried sausages, hot drinks, guiding

supplement             49 €/person extra when driving 1 person/snowmobile



​One Hour Reindeer Safari in the Snowy Wilderness in Rovaniemi

Join us on our favorite day to an authentic reindeer safari! Sit comfortably in a sleigh and lay back, take photos of the nature around you and listen to the sounds of the reindeer caravan. Reindeer herder has prepared us coffee with a cinnamon bun on campfire and he shares his story of life with the reindeer.

Adult: € 129,00 Child: € 64,50

Duration                 2,5 hours

Departure               13:30

Operated                Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays

Includes                  Winter clothing, car transfers, visit to reindeer farm, 1 h reindeer safari, reindeer driving license, hot drinks with a bun, guiding